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Welcome to our site gives you an opportunity to earn some fast cash and prize points working at home in front of your computer. All you need is to become our member and you will get access to our PreTasks, Tasks and PaidClicks sections. Every section has it's own feature, but all intended only for you.

Tasks are for US and international members (from 0.25$ to 25$)

Pretasks are only for US members (from 0.20$ to 35$)

Paid Clicks program offer payment for clicking banners (0.1c, 0.5c)

Earn points and choose different prizes! (iPod, SPS3, Nintendo WII, etc.)

Refer others and get profit from their work. We have established 2 level referral system( 1level - 10%, 2 level - 5%). We pay our members through E-gold and MoneyBookers. There is no minimum payment, you can order payout whether you have 0.01$ or 100$ and more at your balance. We have fast and scheduled payment processing.

You don't have E-gold or MoneyBookers account? Click here: E-gold , MoneyBookers. wants to ensure all, that every honest member will be paid! We have a constantly growing members base, which make us really proud for peoples trust and hope given to NetQuer.

If you have 15 minutes free everyday - spend them with benefit!

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At, our advertising technology is tergeted to maximize your internet advertising profit by displaying your advertisement only on relevant web pages and pay per click search engines and sites.

Our advertising service is set on a free-to-choose auction model (Cost Per Visit, Cost Per Click / Pay per Click and Cost Per Action) where you may bid for placement ranking.

By matching your interests, our content-rich affiliate sites and search engines, we can deliver highly targeted contextual advertising that go beyond traditional advertising method.

Multiple marketing circulations are developed to take advantage of hundreds of event types and are delivered with precision, based on the unique set of customer data.

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